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Like the ax in the forest: The “crime scene” around a nefarious Holzfabikantensohn was sympathetic rustic, but the female characters remained pale. Or do you disagree?

The man struck a trail of devastation through the Mölltal in Carinthia. The “crime scene” on Sunday told the story of the son of a wood manufacturer who harassed the surrounding foresters and seduced their wives. Everyone around him had a motive to kill the tyrant. In the end, it was an old forest farmer who had killed the tyrant to protect her son from him. A hard break from the otherwise dusty gender roles in this thriller.

In our review, we wrote: “The tone of this” crime scene “is sympathetic rustic.He is an Alpine drama, the classic depicts the dependencies between fights in the tavern and Schäferstündchen in the coniferous forest (…) But it bothers in the end but considerably that many of the Faintly outlined female characters and as dull as a forest remain in the fog, they rely almost entirely on encouragement and attention of the men, which does not seem archaic to the genre of the mountain drama, but at best anachronistic. ” We gave 6 out of 10 points. How did you like the Alpen-Krimi?

One of the few strong, ambivalent female characters in the “crime scene” was played by Verena Altenberger. The Austrian actress also started her job as TV investigator Elisabeth Eyckhoff at the Munich “Police Call 110” this year. In September, her succession began, on December 8, she has her second appearance as Eyckhoff. The title of the episode is “The lie that we call the future,” directed by Dominik Graf.



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