Mark Wahlberg emerges from his house bare-chested and sweaty—obviously. If you follow the 48-year-old on InstagramOpens in a new Window., you know of his on-again, off-again relationship with shirts. It’s not even noon and he’s already finished his second workout of the day, which also is consistent with what we know about Wahlberg—that he is a serious fitness buffOpens in a new Window.. His stamina for pullupsOpens in a new Window. is a thing of wonder. When he bench-presses, he doesn’t avoid the pain cave—he hangs pictures on its walls. What else do we know about Wahlberg? Well, we are contractually obligated to remind you that he is from Boston and loves Boston. He is devoted to his faith, his family, and the New England Patriots. He finds more hours in the day than the rest of us. He is a scratch golfer, spends time with the troops, and when he grills a steak, he knows the exact moment it is medium-rare.

This kind of familiarity can happen when you’ve spent the better part of three decades in the public eye. Everyone knows Wahlberg—or a version of him. For many, he’s an actor—both an Oscar nominee (The Departed) and one who sparked up with a CGI teddy bear (Ted). He’s a rapper. (The Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch song you’d recognize is “Good Vibrations.”) He’s an entrepreneur who has founded a bunch of non-show-biz-related businesses. And there are still others for whom Wahlberg will always be a six-pack with a coy smile (Calvin Klein adOpens in a new Window., circa 1992).

My version of Mark Wahlberg is the one who inspired and served as executive producer of HBO’s Entourage, the epochal show about a hot young actor and his crew of boys from back home. The scene seemed to fit. His Beverly Hills spread has a regulation basketball court in the back, emblazoned with the Celtics logo, a practice green on the property’s edge, and, of course, a massive swimming pool. Wahlberg’s famed gym is equipped with all the accoutrements—dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, VersaClimberOpens in a new Window., TechnoGymOpens in a new Window. bike, treadmill, rower, boxing equipment, and a top-of-the-line body composition machine.



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