Homemade cosmetics have long been a goal of mine. I’ve researched how to make many every day items, with varying results. I’m happy to say that I’ve figured out some great stuff, but not without a bit of trial and error of course!

First, I purchased a kit online only to find that the “natural base” had a lot of artificial ingredients. Their idea of “natural” was you combining their unnatural ingredients. So I continued working to perfect my own makeup recipes with ALL natural ingredients.

I’ve written articles on natural eyeliner and concealing powder, both of which use a natural base, with herbs or pigments to produce color. Natural blush isn’t much different so let’s take a look.

Homemade Cosmetics: Natural Blush Powder

Ingredients & Supplies


  1. In a small bowl, add the cornstarch, arrowroot, or rice powder.
  2. Add a small amount of one of the other coloring powders. Note: Beet root will be more pink, annatto will be more orange, and madder root will be more red to purple. You could also add a small amount of powdered blue malva flowers for a more bluish tone. If you want it a bit darker, add a small amount of charcoal.
  3. Be sure to mix well so that you don’t have clumps of pink or black. Keep adding small amounts of color until you reach the right shade. When you get the mixture to the desired color, place it in the jar and keep it tightly sealed.
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