NASA’s $1 Billion Spacecraft Has Taken Mind-Bending New Photos Of Jupiter


NASA’s $1 billion Juno spacecraft completed its 11th high-speed trip around Jupiter and sent back amazing new pictures on April 6th. The amazing spacecraft gets relatively close to the biggest gas giant planet of our solar system and takes new photos with its JunoCam instrument roughly every 53 days, while traveling at speeds up to 130,000 mph.

It can take days or sometimes weeks to receive the images, but the wait is worth it. The latest batch of photos features countless swirling, hallucinatory clouds and storms. Researchers at NASA and the Southwest Research Institute uploaded the raw image data to their websites in late December. Since then, dozens of people have processed the black-and-white files into gorgeous, calendar-ready color pictures.

“As pretty as a planet can get, but get too close and Jupiter will END YOU,” Sean Doran, a UK-based graphic artist who regularly processes NASA images, said about the new images in a tweet.

These images clearly show the beauty of the gas giant. Here are some of the best new photos and animations made with JunoCam data by Doran and other fans of the spacecraft.

Juno’s orbit takes it far beyond Jupiter — then quickly and closely around the world — to minimize exposing electronics to the planet’s harsh radiation fields.
















  1. Be humans first and then explore the universe. Opinion of many millions of people in recent years about NASA – To see this we can do it by throwing paint colors, we do not need to spend 1 billion, when 30,000 people die every day from lack of water and food – let’s take care of that on our planet first and then spend 1 billion just to take and photos of Zeus

    • you do realize that 1 billion can NOT feed the whole world for aa single day? we are over 7 billion people. if one meal was 1 dollar, then we would need 7 billions for one meal. 3 meals a day equal 21 billions. who will get that money? who will produce this cheap meal? can we eat this every day? you need to realize that we dont live in a god created world and life is not fair.

    • well said, only tip of the poverty iceberg also, lets pollute the sky and space with rockets and gas but not allowed to operate a gas lawnmower while claiming global warming, lets put billions into exploring universe but not toward povert, its all BS
      and corruption

    • So much of our modern technology, understanding about climate change and medical advancements originates with the space program. Computers, cellphones, the internet. 30K people die a day for lack of water and food because of our selfishness and greed. Will not exploring space solve that problem? I don’t think so. If we took every penny spent on space exploration and diverted it, it would change little because of the corruption of our systems of governments that steal from the poor and make the rich richer. It’s not an either or situation. It’s not like the money spent on space exploration would ever actually make it to those 30K people. That’s just a fantasy.

  2. Let’s say we take the holier road as it were and spent all extra money on people in need. A few things. There WILL always be people in need. It will literally never end. Some people are dealt better cards and that’s just the way it is. It sucks. Life sucks. We all die in the end. Prolonging life just prolongs death. Why not invest the money in learning more about where we are, what we came from, what we can use? Learning about space isn’t just for the cool facts. Ultimately, learning about space and what’s in it is of itself learning about what we can use, how we can use it, and where we can live. It’s basically an investment on future generations rather than the current one. If we spend every extra penny on those in need all the time, we won’t get anywhere. Advancement requires sacrifice. It’s cold and hard but it’s true. What about those that died to know what we can and cannot eat? Knowledge requires sacrifice of some kind, be it life or death or anywhere in between.

    • I could not disagree any more at all! Your claim that the economic disparity will always be there, and that that’s just the way it is, is highly flawed thinking (in my humble opinion) and suggests we as humans are not capable of evolving well beyond the status quo that numbs the minds then passes it on as generational “truth”, steering the vastness of populations to agree with that flawed thinking. And that is absurd. Unwilling to make a stand on my soapbox, I much prefer to prompt you, all or any of you, to own this seed; to work it out with your mind until you begin to see the possibilities as well as ways to get there. No violence required or welcomed. I greatly enjoy this vision as a meditative focus and believe you will, too. And if I could hug you right now I sure would; all of you.

  3. My goodness! All this proselytizing is making me dizzy … I for one love all the new beautiful pictures of Jupiter … allows me to dream beyond space and time. So nice to see them shared here – thank you!


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